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1997 - Giorgio Cavazzano, antologica

In the 1997 I proposed to Lucca Comics an exhibition on Giorgio Cavazzano. For the occasion I asked to Mauro Bruni and Pierpaolo Putignano to help me, and this would also be the beginning of an artistic / cultural association on the creation of exhibitions that still persists.

The exhibition was also my first official as a curator at all. We filled the church of San Cristoforo in Via Fillungo in Lucca with more than 400 originals of Cavazzano. Works that ranged from the beginning of his career to his latest productions, also some pages in preview from the upcoming, at that time, "Le Storie", two long novels written by Bonvi and published for theSergio Bonelli Editore.

For the occasion there was an art catalog edited by Lo Scarabeo from Torino and written by me together with Mauro Bruni and Luca Boschi and some other authors' contributions.

Also with Pierpaolo Putignano we made a series of giant acrylic painted wood shapes that adorned the whole exhibition, making it particularly colorful, fun and very scenic.